DATE:  July 12, 2021

TIME:  6:00 PM

PLACE:  Greenwood Township Hall, 5589 S 200th Ave., Hesperia, MI  49421

PHONE:  231-854-0202

WRITTEN COMMENTS:  Mail to Greenwood Township Clerk, PO Box 358, Hesperia, MI  49421 or by EMAIL to

The Greenwood Township Board will hold a public hearing to gather input on allowing marijuana operations within the Township. Comments may be mailed or emailed to the Township office at the addresses listed in this notice. 

Greenwood Township will provide necessary reasonable auxiliary aids and services to individuals with disabilities at the meeting upon 3 days’ notice to the Greenwood Township Board. Contact the Board by writing or calling Clerk, Cora Conley, PO Box 358 Hesperia MI  49421 or telephone 231-286-3651.